Bampire Brand Awaits…

Nobody Loves You Better Than a Bampire

What is a Bampire?  My own creation of vampire from a planet called Bamptillia. They feast on humans, but not in the way you may think. They survive by entering a person’s mind and have you experience your deepest darkest fantasizes. They would maintain their youthful vigor, and you would just think it is a great wet-dream.

This story is a mystery wrapped in an emotional love triangle. What would you do if you have meaningless sex 24 hours a day, never die, and have as much wealth built up to last many lifetimes?

These creatures see’s humans and realize how happy they are when they fall in love. But the one thing they didn’t see is how love can bring the worst traits out of a person when it becomes jealous.

Thank goodness it’s a 6 Book Series

Bampires aren’t your everyday Vampires.

Time to get hooked on a new creature. To grab every inch of you… Your MIND, Your HEART, Your BODY.

Only two Orginal Bampires roam the Earth. They kept themselves a secret because of the way they treated their own kind whom they thought were witches. But they cannot be killed by anything from Earth.  

They have it all from Wealth, Beauty, Daily Desires, and Eternal Life. But they started to crave the one thing humans take for granted…. Falling in Love. What would you do if the only thing that makes you feel anything is sex? You try every pleasurable thing you can think of nearly 16 hours a day.

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This story is not about Juju, but about soulmates who should have never been. LB met Palmyra one night. He developed a special ability to teleport to her whenever she summoned him.

One night he makes love to her, and he loses her to death. He ponders on what he can do to spare her any pain he caused. He finds a way to do just that. But can he go through it when time comes. And that decision is for you the reader to answer. Lets get ready for MIND NIGHT BLUE, Bampire series…

Who says a woman can’t be an Alpha!

This story is the 4th book in the series. It follows Juju in her journey to discover where she came from, and where she belongs.

Juju has to face her inner wolf whom she just dicovered.

An Alpha who thinks he can use her for his own benefit.

A corporation that realizes that her DNA hold the secret to unlocking human genetics.

Does Juju have a say so as to what she wants? You are Damn Right!

Strong woman who makes her own choices, walks her own path, and doesn’t need a man to save her. She will not let the mate bond choose who will be her mate.

Would you like to know how strong love is? What great distances its willing to go?


When a man loves a woman more than life itself, nothing can stop him. Not time, distance, or even race will stop him from finding a love he lost in an unusual way. How do you find a person who doesn’t know you exist from over 300 lightyears away? How did he lose her?

Only one way to find out. Lets start reading shall we?

What can you give to the one person who gave up the world for your happiness? Closure

Palmyra was given her memories back after a brief encounter with LB. She remembers it all. The sex, the taste of human blood, and even the pain. Her other life as a Bampire.

LB turned Palmyra by accident. The whole time he wanted to find a way to fix his mistake. He realized that there is only one way to do it. He has to make the Ultimate Sacrifice (not death). He has to live forever without her.

Palmyra gets a voicemail of LB leaving Earth and return to Bamptillia, which takes a 325 light-year trip one way. She knows she won’t be alive by the time he returns. What could she give an immortal creature? CLOSURE!

Let’s find out how.

Ready for a good emotional story?

LB went off world and Palmyra has everything she every wanted. She knew he was hurting when he gave her a new life without him. How can you show appreciation to a creature who gave you everything? Words of comfort even when your long gone.

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